One of the most important components of reciprocating compressors is its inlet and outlet valves.

In reciprocating compressors, these valves act like one-way valves, so that in the suction phase, the suction valve is open and the discharge valve is closed. In the compression and discharge phase, the suction valve closes and the discharge valve returns.

The working conditions of the compressor, pressure, flow rate, temperature, dimensional limitations, fluid, price, modern technology, etc have caused a great variety of these valves in the industry.

Structural division of suction and discharge valves according to the type of leakage

  • Valves with metal rings (ring with port/ring without port)
  • Valves with Metal disc
  • Valves with non-metallic ring and flat leakage (flat ring with port/flat ring without port)
  • Valves with non-metallic rings and non-flat leakage
  • Valves with non-metallic disc (disc with flat leakage/disc with non-flat leakage)
  • POPPET valves
  • Valves with blade chambers

15 years of experience in carrying out numerous projects in this field, as well as a lot of scientific research in this regard which has made this company  to have scientific and technical ability in designing and manufacturing all types of suction and discharge valves related to reciprocating compressors.

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