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Rymand Rad industry Engineering Company was established in 2008 with the aim of designing and analyzing, reverse engineering and carrying out industrial, research and commercial projects.

This company is as knowledge enterprise, and in order to achieve this goal, by attracting capable and efficient professionals and by benefiting from advanced facilities and equipment and using the potential of universities, science and technology centers, and internal facilities, this company has been able to create a bright horizon for achieving these goals, and it has provided many needs of the industrial parts of the country’s infrastructure industries.

Currently, the main activity of this company is as follows:

  • Designing, reverse engineering and manufacturing all types of suction and discharge valves and their internal items related to reciprocating compressors .
  • Designing, reverse engineering and manufacturing consumable items for reciprocating compressors.
  • Design, reverse engineering and manufacture of all types of precision instrument valves.
  • Design, reverse engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic actuators.

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